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The bicycle is and remains a sustainable choice. Moreover, the bicycle is a healthy and safe way to go from A to B, especially nowadays. For longer distances we choose more and more often for an e-bike.

Would you like to try an e-bike for yourself? Make a free reservation and experience an electric bike, speed bike or electric cargo bike for one week.

What does it mean?

Do you live or work in South Limburg? Then via 'Discover the e-bike' you can try an e-bike for free for one week and experience the advantages of an electric bike. You can pick up a bike all year round at the Cycle Center in Valkenburg. There are also employers* who participate. You can then book an e-bike during the period that they are at your work. In addition, our team visits changing locations in South Limburg. This way we make it as easy as possible for everyone to try an e-bike.

New: rent an electric bike free of charge from a bicycle dealer in your area from 1 August and test for 6 days whether the bike suits you.
*A number of employers affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar participate in the Discover the e-bike.