Information for employers

The 'Ontdek de e-bike' programme is created to introduce your employees with the e-bike for their commute from and to work. You'll contribute to healtier employees, reduce Co2 emissions and save on transportation costs when participation the Maastricht Bereikbaar programme. A true win-win!

How does it work?

'Ontdek de e-bike' is a full-service organisation that delivers a selection of e-bikes tot your company address. Together we setup the trail period and specify parameters as; amount of e-bikes, time scedule, delivery an return dates aswel. Upon delivery our team will organize a small kick-off meeting and event of about 15 minutes.

Start of the trail period

Employees can pre-register their selected e-bike via an online reservation tool. On the day of delivery, our team will organize a presentation in which the programme, e-bikes and evaluation is explained. Delivery takes place either on a thuesday or thursday. Employees participating in the presentation can do a short testdrive on all of the bikes and are free to ask any related questions. All e-bikes are fully insured.

End of the trail period

After the trail period we ask your employee to hand over the e-bike to the next reserved user. We've arranged a selection of instuctions such as online video's, online manuals aswell as a laminated short manual in the e-bike bag. At the end of the total trail period our team will pick up the e-bikes at your location and all users will be asked to fill in a short evaluation survey. Furthermore the employees will be attended to the possibilities of (e)bike purchase that you as a employer aswell as Maastricht Bereikbaar offers.  


If you are partner of Maastricht Bereikbaar, our team will contact you regarding your participation in the 'Ontdek de E-bike' programme.