Want to buy or lease a new e-bike?

If you are looking for a new bike, it usually takes a few weeks or even months. You can check your options online and you will be provided with advice and/or a trial copy at the bike shop. We will be happy to give you a few tips. 

Be well informed:  Depending on how you want to use your e-bike or bike, there are several possibilities, for example in drive systems, gears and range. Make your wishes known to the bicycle specialist. He can help you find a suitable e-bike or bike. Check out the checklist at op www.bovag.nl for questions you should definitely ask the bicycle specialist.

Take your time for a test ride: There are many brands and models. By trying different bikes, you can find out which one suits you best. The bike shop near you can help you with this.  

Buy the e-bike nearby:: You can buy an electric bike preferably at a bicycle shop in your area. If you have problems with the e-bike or if something needs to be repaired, you can expect good service from a specialist.

Or opt for lease: Is the right bike very expensive? Then perhaps lease is an option. You probably already know about lease cars and the benefits are comparable.  

  • No high purchase costs;

  • You pay a fixed amount per month;

  • Maintenance, repairs, tires and all-risk insurance can be included in the monthly fee;

  • Extended warranty on the battery for the entire duration is often possible;

  • Breakdown assistance.

On the other hand, you are not the owner of the bicycle. Bicycle leasing is offered by various bicycle shops and bicycle leasing companies. Before your visit, please orient yourself well on the possibilities.


What do you pay attention to when you buy an e-bike?


How will you be using your e-bike? If you will only be using your bike for shorter trips a less expense battery may be best suited. In general the battery is one of the most expensive components of the e-bike. Your range can differ depending on:

  • Selected support level
  • Wind
  • Tyrepressure
  • Speed
  • The drivers weight
  • Roadsurface
  • Your ridingstyle
  • Temperature
  • Age of the battery
Types of support sensoring

The two main support sensors are:

- Rotation sensor: this sensor uses the rotation of your crank to register movement.  This means that after a couple of rotation the selected supportlevel will power the electric motor forward. The level of support will remain the same during your ride.

- Torque sensor: this sensor senses the amount of force on the pedals. This way a more smooth ride is created and a more natural ride is the result.

Position of the battery

The battery can be fitted on several locations on the bike. In general the following rule applies: closer to the center of the bike means more stability and more balance. In some e-bikes the battery can even be fitted in the frame and you can't tell the difference between an e-bike and an unsupported bike.

Fixed or removable battery

If you can't store your e-bike near an outlet it's best to chose a removable battery. It's also best to store your battery in surroundings above 5 degrees Celsius.

Position of the motor

The position of the motor in an e-bike is quite important as it for a large part determens the character of the e-bike. Also in some cases it determens the possibilities for gearing. These are the types of positions:

- Frontwheel: Feels as if you are being pulled forward. Might take some getting used to; but it's a solid and often used setup. 
- Rearwheel: Feels as if you are being pushed. Often combined with dual sensor technology (visit: types of sensors) for a smooth support. This type of support is super solid but requires external gearing such as a derailler. This requires more maintenance than enclosed gearing solutions.
- Mid-Engine: The motor is enclosed between your pedals and assists your pedal rotations. This type of support is the most natural and the weight of the motor in the middle makes it a very stable driving experience.

Power of the motor

The power of the motor is expressed in Newtonmetres. More newtonmetres equal more "push". When riding mountains we advise purchasing an e-bike with lots of power. In general with e-bikes the powerrange is between 40 Nm and 90 Nm. Do remember; more power also means more engine noise.

E-bike weight

An E-bike has more weight than a normal bike due to several extra components such as engine, battery and extra wiring. For some bike carriers there is a weight limit; keep that in mind when selecting your e-bike of bike carrier. During your ride you will most likely not even notice the extra weight due to the support. However when manouvering the bike in and out of your garage you may notice!

Interesting tips and advice

On the internet you will find a lot of information about the e-bike. Read, for example, the advice of the ANWB, tips from the BOVAG, but you will also find information at the Fietsersbond.

English information:
10 tips on buying an e-bike